Canada Goose will go on sale 2019 black friday?

canada goose sale There is no winter jacket more iconic than a Canada Goose Parka. That’s because countless explorers, filmmakers, adventurers, and researchers trust Canada Goose to give them the performance they need. Canada Goose has been crafting their parkas out of the finest fabric and down for over 60 years. And they are designed to withstand nothing less than the harshest Arctic winters. With jackets for men, women, and the rest of the family, you’ll never have to fear a winter storm again.

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canada goose sale mens With a subtly cinched waist, sleek design and mid-thigh length, the Canada Goose Women’s Trillium Parka are designed to offer the best in extreme weather protection while still flattering a woman’s form. With a classic aesthetic, the Trillium is perfect for cold days in the city or any outdoor adventure.

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Mid-thigh length
Removable 2-way adjustable tunnel hood (vertically and hood opening) with an adjustable bracing wire for superior protection in high-wind conditions, with removable coyote fur ruff and a hidden snap-secured collar
Heavy-duty, center front YKK 2-way locking zipper
Storm flap over center front zipper secured with Canada Goose embossed snaps
Two fleece-lined high handwarmer welt pockets
Two lower fleece-lined flap pockets secured with embossed snaps
One interior drop-in pocket with Velcro
Waist drawcord provides great fit and added warmth
Recessed, heavy-duty, rib-knit cuffs to keep out the cold
Interior shoulder straps allow wearer to carry over their shoulder
Coyote Fur Ruff Removable
Center back length: 36″
Fit: Regular Insulated
Fill: 625 Fill Power White Duck Down

canada goose clearance Canada Goose jackets are one of those divisive topics. You either think they’re a rip-off, or you don’t.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, the fact remains: it’s THE jacket brand for urban folks who want to stay warm and not look like the Michelin Man. Their value is debatable, but their ubiquity is unmistakable—try really hard, but you won’t be able to commute on the train without seeing at least one on every ride.

Canada Goose Victoria Parka
Canada Goose Victoria Parka. Image: Tessuti
But Canada Goose jackets don’t come cheap.

canada goose outlet store When I bought mine in 2014, it retailed for $595. Today, it’s selling for a whopping $875. Holy crap. With prices like these, and the fact that they never on sale, it’s natural to wonder: how does everyone afford these???

Today I’m going to show you a shopping hack for how you can create your own deal on Canada Goose or anything that seems to never go on sale. I’m looking at you, SK-II masks and Equipment silk blouses.

But since fall JUST started, why are we talking about winter coats in September? Two reasons:

canada goose jacket womens The promo code I used usually comes out in October. That’s right around the corner.
Those who plan and organize ahead of time usually get the deals.
When the Usual Tactics Don’t Work
For six years, I wore a $100 Uniqlo parka. Whenever I wore it, I could always feel the cold air sneaking through the fabric. The pockets were unlined and paper thin, so if I forgot to bring my gloves, well, I had a rough time.

But a few years ago, I decided enough was enough. It was time to stop being cheap, and upgrade.

canada goose outlet As usual, I did thorough research cross-referencing reviews on blogs, and tried the jacket on a million times in person. Normally, I would have stalked the jacket like crazy until it went on sale. The problem? The style I wanted, the Victoria, was such a popular-selling item, and much to my dismay, it NEVER went on sale. Trust me, I waited. I was going to have to pay the retail price of $595.

I knew by waiting for the right time, and taking advantage of promo codes and cash back bonuses, I’d be able to save money.

canada goose factory sale Enter the shopping portals. What the heck is a shopping portal? Most credit cards and airlines have these virtual malls where you can earn extra reward points or cashback by shopping through their affiliate links. If I’m buying something online anyway, a few extra clicks to earn money just makes sense. So every time I shop online I always check shopping portals to see which one is offering the highest amount of points.

To sum it up, shopping portals are a favorite money-earning strategy of mine 🙂

Exactly How I Got a Discount on a Canada Goose Parka
Here’s the step-by-step for how I was able to stack promos on top of one another for major savings.

1. I Waited for a Saks Fifth Avenue Promo Code
I’m on the Saks email list, and a few times of year they have these promos where you can save 20% off your entire purchase. Of course, there are designer exclusions listed at the bottom of the emails, but Canada Goose wasn’t one of them. Score.

Promo Code Savings: $120

TIP: I dug through my emails, and other promos I’ve seen that are perfect for those big-ticket items are:

Take $100 off a $500 purchase
Take $175 off a $750 purchase
The designer exclusions are even more relaxed for these promos.

2. I Used My Credit Card’s Shopping Portal
canada goose black friday Pay attention, online shopping addicts. Discover It (referral) is one of the most effective credit cards for earning cashback rewards. Out of all the shopping portals, Discover seems to consistently offer the highest points/per dollar for all the places we regularly shop at (Sephora, Saks, Barneys, etc.). I use Cashbackholic to do a quick check to see how much each portal is offering. Here’s an example of the search results for Saks.

It’s not 100% updated all the time, but it’s good to use as a cursory check. Then you go in and check the individual portals where you have accounts.

At the time, Saks was offering a whopping 15 points per dollar, just by clicking on the affiliate link in Discover’s portal.

Shopping Portal Savings: $71.40

Then I got redirected to the Saks website and shopped like I normally would.

3. I Took Advantage of Discover’s Cash Back Bonus Calendar
Discover also has 5% cash back bonuses on certain categories every quarter.

canada goose outlet For the last quarter of the year, the categories happened to include department stores, like Saks. The cool part is you can STACK this 5% bonus on top of the shopping portal one from above. (I called Discover to double-check that I could do this.)

5% Cash Back Bonus Savings: $23.80

And that is how I got a deal on a super popular item where there are seemingly no discounts. By delaying my purchase until the right time, and taking advantage of credit card rewards, I saved a total of $215 on a purchase I was going to make anyway. Did I mention before that shopping portals are my favorite?

canada goose jacket womens All in all, I ended up paying $647.81 out of pocket, including tax, plus the $120.00 in discounts and $95.20 in cashback earnings. That cashback earnings are still sitting in my Discover account, waiting to be used, but if I applied them as a statement credit, my total out-of-pocket costs would be $432.81 for a jacket that retailed for $595.

canada goose outlet store So, if you want a luxury item, you don’t have to settle for the two usual options: buying a cheaper version or not buying what you want at all. By being industrious and strategically using shopping portals and promo codes, you can create your own discount on those pesky items that never, ever go on sale by themselves.

Want to start earning points through shopping portals? Apply for the Discover It card, and you can earn a $50 bonus by making a purchase within 3 months.

canada goose clearance These jackets are expensive, I get it, but for someone moving from the temperate climate of San Francisco to the bone-chillingly city of Chicago, this jacket easily is worthy of the investment. It makes my walk to work in downtown Chicago quite comfortable. Anybody who is familiar with winter in Chicago knows between the wind and the temperature, being outside is not a great situation. I’ve worn this jacket in negative 0-degree temperatures, and I’ve stayed nice and warm.

canada goose sale mens One note is that this jacket is short; it goes down to your belt bucket. If you don’t tuck your shirt in, you can feel the breeze. If that’s not your cup of tea, perhaps you’d be better suited with their parka. This jacket, however, is a perfect blend of warmth while not being overly bulky. Also, the furred hood may disrupt your peripheral vision, but if all you care about is staying warm, like me, then this is a small inconvenience.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this jacket for those who are willing to pay to stay warm. I love it!
Thanks, Penny! I’m especially glad I got the coat before the prices have gone way up. Ouch. Oh, I know what you mean about the promo emails. I delete most of them, except for the ones that have the great sales, hehe. I feel like Discover It still flies under the radar, but they consistently have the highest promos for where I’d naturally shop. I guess some people get weirded out that Discover isn’t “accepted everywhere,” but I’ve never really had a big problem with it. It’s also nice because there’s no annual fee. So I just use it strategically once or twice a year to maximize points, and otherwise it just sits in my drawer.

canada goose sale womens Heartland Trading was a pleasure to work with. After looking at this coat at least 35x online over the past 15 months, I finally decided to purchase it on a random Friday. And naturally, I wanted it asap! I contacted the seller to see if I could pay extra for fast shipping, and got an immediate response letting me know since the transaction had already gone through, there was no way to speed up the shipping, but that she was going to get it out in the mail that day. She definitely did as it arrived the following Tuesday! The Parka is absolutely fabulous; high quality construction, comfortable and SO warm. From the fleece lined and fur trimmed hood, to the fleece lined pockets, the details are lovely! It is definitely an investment piece, but one you can feel good about (and feel like a million bucks in – even tho’ it’s a parka!). I am annoyed with myself for not purchasing it sooner. The Silver Birch color is very pretty; not quite white, not quite gray, not quite tan… Just right in between. Looks great with a variety of colors (scarves, jeans, etc.). Very pleased with my Canada Goose park, and with this seller!!!

canada goose sale Many thanks to for having this item in stock! My Kensington Parka arrived within two days!! Overall, this coat is great but I must mention that the quality of the fur is very bad! Perhaps, there is a reason for it but for a moment I thought that I received a fake!
I decided to keep it as I cannot find any other 2X in this beautiful sunset orange color. Yes, the size runs much smaller. Please consider to buy at least one size up. I l love this coat but I am definitely replacing the fur collar.

canada goose outlet Not sure how to fairly review this coat. It is made unbelievably well and worth the money, HOWEVER…..their sizing chart is totally off base. I used the sizing chart on their website. I am a size 16, which would be a 1X per their chart. To be safe, since it states that it is slim fit I ordered 2X. Well, there is a good 6″ between the zipper sides across my body. My 130# daughter put it on and though big it wasn’t enormous as you would expect. I am totally confused as to what they consider 2X. If this was made in China I’d get it, but they are made in Canada where I would expect the sizes to be true to what is stated on their website. I have coveted this jacket for several years and am heartbroken. Sure I need to drop some weight, but with that much difference I’d have to drop a good 50# to wear a 2X…..?????

canada goose jacket womens Thanks for stopping by. My main motivation for getting the jacket was it had to absolutely be warm. I have no natural insulation, so it’s a subjective thing whether or not it’s worth it. Like right now I’m sitting at my desk, it’s 75 degrees and I have goosebumps! With that said, it does its job of keeping me warm without me having to layer, and sometimes I even get too hot when I have it on! That’s never happened to me before.

canada goose clearance For me, it was worth it at the $595 price because I believe in investing in winter coats. Winter coats need to have utility and you wear them for almost 3 months straight (depending on where you live). However, from a principle standpoint, it does bother me how the price has skyrocketed almost $300 in three years with no additional features. $875 would have me think twice. Here’s why: Bain Capital invested in CG around late 2014 I believe, and CG went public earlier this year. So, they’re not a mom and pop shop anymore. I haven’t seen the latest jackets, but I’d be concerned that the quality has declined while prices have gone up. That’s how I’ve ALWAYS observed how it goes. But if you DO decide to go for it, definitely check those Saks promos!

Also, Woolrich does a nice, similar-looking coat for a little less, and you can find them on sale a lot. Check the Artic parka:

Should be able to try on both at Barneys. Let me know if you have any other questions!

canada goose sale mens I called Canada Goose directly and explained my issue. The nice girl agreed that it is slim fit and maybe the reason….not totally convinced, but I get the jest. I asked her about other cuts that may fit a more mature figure. She suggested the Dawson which I just ordered. Only 2 size 2X available on Amazon and none on any other US sight (Canada Goose checked for me). I am glad that they are doubling their production as these seem to be hard to keep in stock. I have my fingers crossed that the Dawson is a better fit for me.

Three stars is a bit unfair for such a beautiful product, however, the sizing should match what is posted on their sizing charts. If a slim fit needs its own size chart, there should be one.

Looks great. My wife wore it around Europe in winter, including Moscow and Norway. Worked well in temperatures to -15. When we went to Longyearbyen near the North Pole where temperatures were -30, the coat was good for short walks, but an additional over coat was required when undertaking extended activities. We shipped them to Australia before going on our trip, so the acquisition cost was steep, but no regrets and the coats will last our whole life. Highly recommended for northern Europe in winter.
Oh yeah, I remember I had a job where you could get Apple products at a discount. I never took advantage, though. Yes, the CC portals can really make a difference, especially with the big purchases. Sometimes I do so see Apple earn rates as high as 5 pts per dollar. So if you’re computer was $1,200, you’d earn 6,000 points easy. Another good big-ticket win is suitcases from eBags.

canada goose sale Not warm enough for the coldest days in NYC. For $800, this needs to keep me warm in single digit temps. It’s really cute, but it’s a jacket for early winter when the weather is in the 30s and 40s. Once the temperature hits below freezing, forget it…you will be cold. Disappointing because I heard these are the warmest jackets on the market. And yes, Canada Goose has jackets with a higher TEI (Thermal Experience Index) but they are all shorter, so how does that help me in colder weather??? I don’t need my butt and legs to freeze for a jacket with a price point this high. It looks very cute on, but know that you are paying a lot of money for a label and not for a lot of warmth in this particular model.

I absolutely love this well-designed parka. I was concerned about the cost, but it’s the best clothing item I’ve ever owned. This is the kind of coat that will last a lifetime. Got the Military green and it’s so classic & mod style. The Military green looks better in person, as the photo online is more an olive color. The description says the outer material is “high-shine” and I was a little iffy on that, but thankfully it’s not shiny. The adjustable waist straps really make you look slim and less bulky. Medium fits perfect, I’m 5’6 and 140 lbs. It’s very warm, so I usually dress lightly and rarely need layers. Every aspect of this parka is high quality: the zippers, buttons, seams, fur-lined hood, convenient pockets, interior quilting, wrist cuffs. My favorite accessory on this parka are the interior shoulder straps that allow you to wear your parka like a backpack. This is an awesome feature; you never have to put it near the ground. Plus, I always get compliments on it!!
Thanks, Christina! Ha, there’s one thing I’m never afraid of–and that’s doing work! So glad you’ve discovered the beauty of shopping portals. As long as you’re buying the stuff you’d be buying already, the points/cash really add up with very little effort.canada goose jacket womens
canada goose outlet

I checked both those Cincy places and those look amazing. I seriously can’t wait! I’m already plotting how little to pack to make room for purchases. Thanks again for those suggestions!
Loved the coat, WARM but really tight fitting across the chest. Not as light weight as I had hoped for. It is a heavy-duty coat for really cold applications. Fur hood is a bit overwhelming but if you walk and commute, it will help you. Just be aware of approaching cars so you don’t get hit, as it will obstruct your vision and muffle sound. I returned it as for daily wear and chauffeuring the kids to school and outdoor wear was a bit too restrictive for me. Great Quality and worth a try!

Beautiful coat. Warm & comfy. Definitely runs small. 5’4 145lbs xl was tight thru the shoulders but XXL was just right for wide shoulders. Also tried the Trillium in an L and an XL. Large was a good fit but I sent both backs and went with the Kensington because it was longer. The only color available in the XXL was Mid-Grey and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the color. Shipped from Peter Glen Ski&Sports and they were awesome!

size hips is not expected as I tried on (my hips’re 101sm so parka (L size) is a little bit small on this level of my figure), all rest sizes are prefect, I don’t like the absence of internal poсket with zipping (I’m used to putting the keys in it usually), and the single internal pocket on the left side is too below as I was expected (it’s dufficult to put my cell out so I need to unzip my parka to put smth out when it’s cold and windy outside, All rest is prefect!
Yeah, to me, just the one extra step takes a couple minutes, and can really pay off. I’ve trained my husband to check the portals before online purchases, and sometimes he still forgets! But once it’s a habit, it’s a habit.canada goose factory sale
canada goose black friday

I haven’t tried Cle de Peau yet, but they look so luxe! Maybe I’ll get one for my honeymoon flight. I won’t look like a weirdo, right?
Really love this coat. I often have to shoot outside for long periods of time, this keeps me warm and toasty. It’s stylish, not too bulky and I love the double ribbons on the inside that let you carry it on your back like a back-pack. You get VERY hot very quickly if you wear it inside, so I simply wear it like a backpack. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is that I feel bad for the Cayote’s. Yes you read that right, they make the fur trim out of coyote fur. Canada Goose claims they trap them humanely, but I don’t buy it. I unclipped the fur from the hood as I don’t like to advertise fur.

Bought this coat for a trip to the Ice Hotel in Sweden. I live in Denver so have plenty of winter coats, but wanted something to guarantee warmth while searching for Northern Lights and sleeping on a bed of ice! This coat is everything I wanted- stylish, warm, gorgeous. I really like the tailored fit that didn’t make my small frame (5’5 120lbs) look like a marshmallow. A size small was perfect for silk under layers and a light wool jumpy. Anything more than that I would have over heated, but would have needed to order up a size. Before I bought this coat- after reading many things on the internet about fakes- I did my research. Purchased on Amazon and it shipped from ZB Sports. I looked them up to make sure they were an authorized dealer on the Canada Goose website and they were indeed. Came with the hologram as described on their website to ensure it was authentic. It’s the best coat you will ever own!

I am 5’6″ and about a buck and a half. I am small on top and big on the bottom and I originally ordered the medium. The medium was the wrong choice. Take my advice and order the size you’d order for pants that are sized small, medium or large. I wear a large pant because of my luscious derriere. I have a small waist and average chest. The coat goes over your butt and hips so select the size you’d get for your butt and hips. Yes, it’s a little roomy in the chest but they have these straps on both sides near the waist that you can pull to compliment your frame if you’re interested in showing a shape underneath all that parka. I pulled the straps.canada goose clearance
canada goose outlet store
Not many people know that the youth jackets are for up to age 18 and have adjustable sleeves. I’m 5’5″, usually wear a 0-2 and was able to fit into an L youth and still had some room for a bulky Icelandic sweater! I ended up saving hundreds of dollars and where I live there’s no tax on children’s clothes so that was an additional 13% off savings! It’s made my walking commute bearable in the winter and saved me so much in the long run with not having to purchase metro passes.

I should mention that this coat is crazy-stupid warm. Cozy warm. I busted a sweat outside in the freezing cold wearing only a sweatshirt underneath shoveling snow. I wore it to NYC December 20th of this year where they were experiencing frigid temperatures and snow all day and I was completely comfortable.

This is a great coat. Quality is a 10. Customer service from is a 10. Canada Goose is a 10. Buy the coat. canada goose sale womens
canada goose sale mens

Nice winter coat – as other reviewers have noted, it has a slimmer silhouette than the other Canada Goose coats, which makes it more flattering. I’m usually an XS/S top in everything, so I went with the size Small. It feels a tad big but I like having the extra room in case I pile on a bulkier sweater (though full disclosure, I was not ‘blessed’ with a chest, so I can’t say what the fit is like across the chest if actually have something there!). Also, there are two adjustable tabs on either side at the waist so that you can pull it in a bit if you need. The coat appears deceptively lightweight for a serious winter coat, but it has kept me warm on the handful of frosty days we’ve had here in NYC. I purchased the coat in Navy and I’m very happy with the color. My only criticism of the coat is that there isn’t enough FUR on the rim of the hood! It’s certainly not as full as it appears on the model in the photos. That’s a bit disappointing, as I’d been considering a few coats with more fur at the collar and hood to begin with. On the upside, a beaver or two were probably spared 🙂 Regardless, the coat looks quite nice overall and is keeping me warm so it’s a keeper. Now I just need some ‘boots with the fur’ as they say.
That’s a great tip. They don’t have the same sale stuff happening online. And you answered my question already: I did see some on sale before but they were the bright orange ones in the styles that were less desirable…Not the style I wanted in the more basic colors.canada goose sale
Comfortable, warm, and beautiful looking coat. Not heavy or bulky and it’s a perfect length (I’m 5’3 and it’s just at the knees). The picture shows white fur trim on the black coat, it’s actually beige/white mixed.
I tried this coat on during a 25-degree day wearing only a tee shirt on, and I felt no cold. This coat really keeps you warm, no need for layering with this coat.
I gave four stars because of the sizing. This coat runs very small.

I talked myself into getting this coat cause of the style and I love fur hoods. The price is insane but I love the style and couldn’t find anything that compares to it except the north face artic parka which everyone owns so I didn’t want it. I normally wear an XL (I’m a 38ddd) in coats in any brand and it still leaves room for a sweater or hoodie and I could not even get this on with a t-shirt. The sleeves were fine but I couldn’t even zip the jacket closed. I didn’t even bother exchanging for the XXL since I did t see how it was possible for it to fit. They need to update the chart.

I’m 5’6″ 180lbs pear shape and wear size 14-16 or L-XL. I wanted a coat that would flatter my figure, look professional, and kept me warm. After reading the reviews I selected XL.

I was so excited when it arrived and pleased that it fit like a glove. The black was slimming and even my husband commented on how it flattered my figure. The styling and construction are top quality.
Buy the stuff over again to get the points, and return the original order, hehe. Yeah, I kind of want to calculate how much I’ve spent to get the points. I use it very rarely, but for bigger ticket stuff. Next quarter Discover has 5% on Amazon so I will probably grab some Airbnb gift cards from there for future use.

I think if you use Shop Style, you can mark some stuff you want to be notified of if there’s a sale. I’ve also had some weird luck with Pinterest telling me that something I’ve pinned has gone down in price.canada goose sale
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Can’t wait to see the two items you bought in your next money diary 🙂
Now the sad part…mine was defective and not as warm as expected. One of the hand-warming pockets was partially stitched closed where the button loop attached. I was still willing to give this a try cuz I loved it that much, BUT to my dismay there is not enough warmth in the arms. I wore it to walk my dog at night at 40 degree with and slight wind chill. From my chest down I was toasty warm, but frum chest up and arms I was getting a chill -not what I want or expected from a $700 coat. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. Had it been warm all over I would have exchanged for a non-defective one.

As an added note, I would have preferred faux fur, but the coyote fur was stunning. I actually started reacting to it, but don’t know if I was reacting to the actual fur or any kind of chemical treatment that might have been used.

Oh, if only….. Sigh 🙁

I LOVE THIS COAT. I finally pulled the trigger and decided to make this big investment. Because, let’s face it, shelling out upwards of $750 on a coat is an investment. But let me tell you, it is the best investment you will make! I am cold all the time, and I take public transit in Chicago to get to work. Sometimes I have to wait outside for 10-15 minutes depending on delayed trains and buses. But now, I don’t care! And that is a wonderful feeling!
The cash back portals are worth so much when you’re checking out on a pricey item! I just bought 2 pricey items yesterday and had been waiting diligently for a coupon code to come up at one of the department stores that carried the items and clicked through the Chase portal (though it was only 4%). If only I had thought to wait a few days for the added 5% back at department stores starting October!! I can’t say the categories I purchased from won’t go on sale normally but monitoring the price fluctuations on a per item basis is way harder than monitoring sales/coupon codes for the entire store.

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I am petite, 5’2 and I bought the XS. It fits perfectly. More than enough room to wear a sweater or 2, or 2 sweatshirts and 3 shirts underneath (tested it while sitting in 30-degree weather for 3 hours straight). And I was not cold at all.

If you get cold like me and want something that you know will keep you from the bone-chilling winters, then buy this. You will thank me. You will thank yourself. After wearing it my boyfriend now wants to buy a coat for himself. So if you are on the fence, take the jump. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

This is by far one of the best coat purchases I have ever made. I hesitated on purchasing this coat because of the price. I had been checking on-line for several months looking for a well made winter down which was warm and stylish. I kept coming across Canada Goose. After 3 months of dealing with the coldest winter in the last 50yrs for New York City, I decided to purchase the coat. I am so glad I did. It is by far the warmest down coat I’ve ever owned. Even when the temperature was 2 degrees with real feel -25 below, all I put on was a turtle neck and a silk long john top and I was completely warm. The coyote fur hood is excellent for protecting your face from the cold and the wind. Although I own furs and shearling, the Canada Goose provides the same warmth (in some cases warmer) without the weight and bulk. Between the Canada Goose coat, gloves and my Ugg boots I am totally protected. I will absolutely purchase Canada Goose in the future.canada goose sale womens
canada goose sale mens
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Yeah, I don’t use my Discover card much at all, but when I do, the bonuses are usually the highest I’ve seen. I know you guys don’t spend much but having the Airbnb expenses really helps to rack up those points.

Ha, yeah, packing peanuts for pillows is a bit much. The amount of non-environmentally friendly packaging these days is so frustrating.
I have owned this parka for two winters and the zipper is horrendous. Starting in the second year, it took me about five minutes to get the zipper to zip up and now I can’t do it at all. I use the toggle fasteners instead, which are OK but leave openings for cold. Otherwise, I love the warmth, the fit and the look. But Canada Goose, what’s with the zipper? $900 and a lousy zipper?

How can I begin to count the ways this coat and this supplier let me down? I bet the farm on this coat; it was very expensive but it was going to be my Christmas gift to myself. It arrived…after Christmas I might add…and was just…NOT special. The color was blah, the fit was nothing like the picture, the fur on the hood was ugly….I wouldn’t have kept it at a third the exorbitant price.

But then the fun began, sarcasm intended. I had ordered from Amazon originally expecting an easy, trouble-free return. More fool me! I had to submit an “application” to return it, get a special number, and then pay shipping, tracking and insurance out of my own pocket. Cost me $30 to return!!!! No, that’s not a typo! Still awaiting my refund, which I PRAY is not jeopardized by this negative review. Amazon, I love ya, but I’m a sadder but wiser user of your stores…canada goose outlet store
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canada goose factory sale

I can’t say enough about this jacket. I walk everyday, and for years I have been wearing my husbands old Eddie Bauer down parka, and was quite warm, but I looked like the Michelin Man to say the least. I finally decided to buy my own, and I googled best down parka, and I found Canada Goose. Did a little more research and found the Kensington model. I just received it today and am completely thrilled with it. I went for an hour walk today, high of 18 degrees Fahrenheit and I actually had to take the jacket off because I was sweating. I used the sewn in back pack straps and after about 15 minutes put it back on. I have never had a jacket this warm before. Now as far as sizing, I am 5’10” 145 lbs. I have a large bust, 34DDD, but it measures about 39″ around, so according to the size chart I should be a large, however since I read just about every review on the internet and people consistently said size up I did and got the XL in navy. It is perfect in the chest and shoulders, the waist is adjustable so that looks great, the hips are on the large size but that’s fine because I can walk and hike without it being constricted. If you have a smaller chest or shoulders I would say stick to your normal size, as long as you don’t plan on layering to much, however if you are curvy up top, go up a size. The coyote is gorgeous, and the navy is a true navy, almost black, but it is beautiful. All in all I am thrilled, my only complaint being that it might actually be too warm!

I love this coat. I got it based on recommendations from my family in Norway, where many are now wearing this brand. The Kensington is somewhat form-fitting, which is odd considering the warmth it provides. It is also relatively lightweight, so I can wear it comfortably while carrying a baby and maneuvering a toddler. It is now 0 degrees in my area and I couldn’t be happier. The coyote fur hoodie keeps my face very warm, too. The only thing I’m not too crazy about was the price. It has made Canada Goose a brand favored by celebrities and the logo on the side arm very recognizable. I find it tacky and wish they didn’t have such a big red and white logo there. Other than that, I’d buy this coat again.